Fundición y Mecánica Susano Solís, SA de CV

D.R. Fundición y Mecánica Susano Solís, SA de CV  ©2014

The Leader in Foundry and Machining

   FYMSSSA holds the leadership in carbon, stainless and specialty steels foundry, as well as for irons and bronzes.

    This leadership extends to machining of a comprehensive variety of industrial pieces.

      Our catalogue includes a wide range of alloys. We can also produce any special alloy requested in any size or geometry.

    We may serve requirements of pieces up to five clean tonnes  in strict accordance to specifications provided by our customers.


International Certificates Warranty

ISO 9001:2008

Pemex approved supplier registry: No. W187567

Best Mid-Size Foundry in 2018

In 2018, FYMSSSA was awarded as the best Mid-Size Foundry of the year by the Mexican Society of Foundries.

This recognition was granted for the high performance and world-class quality standards that FYMSSSA applies to its products and its customer service.